Our work on temporal graph dependencies is accepted into ICDE 2023

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M. Alipour Langouri, A. Mansfield, F. Chiang, Y. Wu. “Inconsistency Detection with Temporal Graph Functional Dependencies”. To appear in ICDE 2023.

Morteza’s work on mining graph keys is accepted to DaWaK’22

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Discovery of Keys for Graphs, M. Alipour Langouri, F. Chiang.  International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery.

Prof. Chiang to join Google Cloud Research Innovators

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Excited to accelerate the impact of our work with Google cloud.

Our work on contextual data cleaning with OFDs is accepted to ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality

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Z. Zheng, L. Zheng, M. Alipour Langouri, F. Chiang, L. Golab, J. Szlichta, S. Baskaran, A. Keller. “Contextual Data Cleaning with Ontology Functional Dependencies.” In ACM JDIQ, 2022.

PhD positions available for Fall 2022.

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PhD positions are available for Sept 2022 in data quality, temporal graphs, profiling data streams, and machine learning.  Candidates are expected to have a B.Sc and/or M.Sc in computer science or similar discipline with a strong foundation in databases, data systems, statistics, and machine learning.  Strong programming skills are required.  Application materials include CV, transcripts, statement of interest, including description of relevant experience and papers.

Our joint work on replica currency estimation is accepted to SIGMOD’22.

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Y. Sun, Z. Zheng, S. Song, F. Chiang. “Confidence Bounded Replica Currency Estimation”. In SIGMOD 2022. (To appear)

Our work on diversity in data anonymization is accepted to TKDE.

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M. Milani, Y. Huang, F. Chiang. “Data Anonymization with Diversity Constraints”. TKDE 2021. (To appear)